Letter / Take Care by Cinzia Farina

Letter by Cinzia Farina
Take Care by Cinzia Farina
“Take Care”


Engaged in art since the 70s, ex-teacher of Art History, journalist untill 2014. From the first imagery/figurative she switched to increasingly abstract and conceptual choices. Charcoals, tempera, acrylic, Indian Ink drawings and finally the collage, which has become her chosen expressive means. Mail artist and illustrator also, today she prefers to work on visual poetry, the artist’s books, multi-material assembly and installation. She is present in collective exhibitions of Visual Poetry (Brazil, Serbia, France, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Portugal), artist’s books (Italy, Hungary, Spain), contemporary art (Italy, Poland, France), in private collections and archives in Italy and in the world, in specialized magazines (including Vitruvius, Illustrati, Ffoom, Aura poesia visual, El Humo, Procedimentum, Nuire, Carie, Frequenze Poetiche, Utsanga) and in several Zine realized in Chile, Germany, Spain, Italy, Mexico, U. S.A., South Africa. Among the most recent publications: AA.VV. Scritture, and La teoria del colore, with Claudio Romeo (MiniPrint Edizioni).