Women Asemic Writers Posts

Website: https://renatasolimini.blogspot.com

Bio: Self-taught artist

Media: Encaustic, Ink

Website: www.marinalapalma.com

Media Ground Inktense blocks, Inktense pencils and fineliner on watercolor paper Art page: facebook.com/draw.oodles.of.doodles

Media: This work is: 18 x 38 cm. Collage, small pieces of paper glued together

  Media:   Repurposed book, gesso, turmeric, black paint and ink Bio: Website:  https://kimmkiriako.com/

Media: mix media , 6×6”

Media: stamps, ink, watercolor on paper, 11 by 15 inches

Media:  Oil Cold Wax on panel. Website: jeanettecookart.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dmayoora/