Current Running Book by Floriana Rigo

Current Running Book by Floriana Rigo16 of 32 pages

Flo (22\06\1955) produces over the years, from the Seventies, in a conceptual / material way, scriptures, paintings, hand writings, written images, object poems, poetic actions, performances, reflective installations, active and interactive clips, reports, video reports, it is exposed in preferably collective situations, as in a battle.

From 2003 practices Tai Chi Chuan and Ink & brush.

I found heavy my playing “plussenso Ludico”. I have been raised by “Chinese Forgeries ” mocking truth and falsehood in an association of brush and sword. “One sign” (contains all the others).

“Writes tromp l’oeil”, he wrote.

The western front of the logos in search of correct definitions and producer of oppositions and exclusions stresses me.

2015 leads me to recognize myself in Asemic Writing. I felt free in my illness, free for meditation, for new codes, practices, languages, meetings, wor (l) d.

“On what can not be talked about, one must be silent”.
“The terms really terms are not constant terms”.
Lao tze

In 2016 ‘have lost a lot, beginning from my heavy web site.

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