Asemic Letter by Marcia Brauer

Asemic Letter by Marcia Brauer


Ink and marker on altered book page. 


Marcia Brauer is a personal chef, artist, and nature enthusiast, living in beautiful Northern California.

Her art has been primarily focused in the areas of Mixed Media, Asemic Writing, and the Fiber Arts. Pattern and text have been a great source of creative inspiration. A lifetime exposure to foreign languages, archeological sites, ancient texts and symbols have been an ongoing fascination.

Sometimes her process can be intuitive and meditative, the result being a highly personal experience. Letting her intuition guide her, the arrangement of symbols and unrecognizable text become an expression of a moment or a thought.

Immersing herself in the sounds of nature, or a piece of music, She lets her hand with pen or brush perform dance-like movements on paper. In this case, the process is more about the art than the final outcome.

Recent exhibits have been, “Visual Vocabulary – Text In Art and Images in Script”, at the Gualala Arts Center in Gualala California. And “CONCRETA – Fest Poesia”, at the Hungarian Academy in Rome, Italy.