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The Dervish Letters ~ stops along the way (2018 November) Lefizelle One of a series…

Bio:  Kerri Pullo is a former psychologist, asemic writing artist, and visual poet from Chicago…

Website: Instagram:

She sits on the edge of the Indian Ocean, she farmed on the edge of…

Bilingual Poet, Author and Interdisciplinary Artist from Kerala-India residing in CT-USA.

To see more of Kimm’s work visit her website and Facebook page.

Terry is a self-taught artist who dabbles in everything!

  asemic calligraphy. 30 х 30 cm, paper, pen. 2018, Lviv Ukraine. web:


Media:  Woven lino print and pen

Media:  encaustic monotype, ink on paper 26 x 21 Website: Instagram: